Adults may need speech pathology intervention or assessment for a variety of reasons.

Often people who have had a stroke can have some form of impairment with their communication or swallowing skills, depending on where the stroke was located and the extent of damage that occurred.

Early Start Speech Pathology Adults
Early Start Speech Pathology Adults

People with different forms of throat or mouth cancer may also need assistance in learning new ways to communicate or to learn to swallow safely again.

Adults from all walks of life, especially teachers, may need some support in learning how to use their voice properly to avoid voice disorders such as vocal nodules.

Adults with a disability that affect their communication and social participation, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, may also benefit from speech pathology to help them navigate the adult world of relationships, work and friendships.

Early Start Speech Pathology offer assessment and therapy sessions to adults with communication, voice and swallowing concerns. Early Start Speech Pathology’s therapists will create a personalised treatment plan, focusing on the client’s area of need. Early Start Speech Pathology’s therapists are able to work in nursing homes, client’s homes, or at the Wallsend or Warners Bay clinic location.


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