There is a common saying that it takes a village to raise children.

At Early Start Speech Pathology, we totally get that and love being part of that village. Our mission is to make a difference in people’s lives. We see the ripple effect first hand when working with children and what a positive impact intervention can make in their lives.

Early Start Speech Pathology Children
Early Start Speech Pathology Children

Children may need speech pathology assessment or treatment for a variety of different reasons.

Some children may have difficulties with their speech sounds and need help improving their ability to be understood. Others may need help in learning to talk or forming complete sentences. Other children come to Early Start Speech Pathology when they are having difficulty following instructions in the classroom or are struggling to keep up with their peers. Some children may need help from the Early Start team to help develop their social communication skills. Children can also benefit from a speech pathology assessment if they are struggling in literacy. Speech pathologists also work with children that stutter or have a raspy sounding voice.

At Early Start Speech Pathology, we work with children from all different cultural backgrounds and with all levels of ability and disability. We make sure that all of our families are welcomed at Early Start so they can feel safe and relaxed to be themselves. We make sure that therapy is fun and engaging and we will always use your child’s strengths and interests.

Early Start Speech Pathology are Certified NDIS providers for Therapeutic Supports and Early Childhood Intervention. We work collaboratively with other providers and always put your child’s needs first. We are a family centred practice and can help you navigate the NDIS world.