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Early Start Speech Sounds

Speech Milestones

Children develop sounds at different ages. Children also can have atypical speech pattern when they are learning their speech sounds- but these should be gone by certain ages. Check out this free Speech Sound downloads to check what sounds your child should be able to say by what age. This is a great poster to stick on your fridge to keep track of your child’s speech milestones.

Early Start Language Milestones

Language Milestones

Everyone knows when we should expect first words, but what about following instructions? Or using two words? This free download on language milestones is great for parents that are wanting to know more about language milestones and what to expect.

Early Start School Readiness

School Readiness

What does it actually mean to be school ready from a speech and language perspective? Amy Pollitt, Director of Early Start Speech Pathology, breaks down what it means for children to be school ready, what to expect and how to help, in this free download.

Early Start Stuttering


Did you know that stuttering can be a normal developmental phase? This free download explains what a stutter is, what to look out for and the risk factors that might mean a child needs to see a speech pathologist. There are some great treatment options for children (and adults) that stutter.