Late Talkers

There is so much information on the internet when it comes to baby milestones. But the information that’s out there can be misleading and confusing.

We hope we can help put your mind at ease at Early Start Speech Pathology if you have a late talker. Don’t wait and watch, we can give you some tips, tools and strategies to help your toddler thrive.

Early Start Speech Pathology Late Talking
Early Start Speech Pathology Late Talking

Things to look out for in our babies and toddlers are:

Babbling babies  –  0 – 6 months

Babies should be cooing and smiling and starting to react to the world around them. Starting to recognise familiar faces, jumping to loud noises crying to get their needs met.

6 – 9 months

Babies should be babbling from 6-9 months. They should be making sounds with their lips and using their b, m, and p sounds. Like “bababa”.

We always get worried when we hear of a quiet baby, as it could be a red flag for a delay in different areas.

12 – 18 months

First words should be spoken around 12-18months of age (boys can be slower than girls but still should be within this range)

By 18 months they should understand around 50 words and be able to say 6-20 words

24 months

By 24-26 months, your toddler should start putting two words together e.g. “Dadda gone”, “My ball” etc.

They should be able to say more than 50 words – it still may not sound correct but they clearly have different for different people and things.

There are lots that you can do to support your toddler talking.

At Early Start Speech Pathology we love working with parents and little late talkers. We can assess where your child is at with their communication milestones and give you some practical strategies to take home. If you are worried about your child’s communication skills in any way, give us a call.


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