Our Values


We believe in communication with connection.


We provide children and adults near and far with the best opportunity to connect with communication.

We embrace every person’s individual qualities and provide a safe place for play, learning and connection.


We are here to make a difference.

Early Start Speech Pathology Children
Amy & Michelle

Amy and Michelle started Early Start Speech Pathology as they wanted to create a business that was founded in respect. Respect for clients, respect for families and respect for their employees. Early Start Speech Pathology has grown from strength to strength and is known for its family-centred practices.


For our client’s uniqueness, for our team and for ourselves.


Learning never stops. Learning from each other, learning from mistakes and learning in the moment.


Clear communication with our clients, our team and with each other. Clear communication is kind. Communication when we don’t understand and communication when we don’t meet expectations.


With families, with community, with professionals and with each other.


Problem-solving, adapting, always thinking ahead with curiosity, having the courage to fail, accepting change.