Stuttering is a speech disorder that causes interruptions in the rhythm or flow of speech. It is a motor disorder where the message gets confused from the brain to the mouth.

At Early Start Speech Pathology, we treat children and adults that stutter. There are different approaches to use, depending on age. Early Start Speech Pathology offer the Lidcombe Program for children under six and use Smooth Speech techniques for teens and adults.

You can download our stuttering fact sheet here for more information about stuttering and the treatment approaches.

Speech Pathology Stuttering
Early Start Speech Pathology helps Stuttering

Stuttering usually can start between 2-5 years of age, it may be gradual or sudden.

Children can grow out of stuttering but there is no way of knowing if or when they will. If there is a family history of stuttering it is less likely that they will grow out of it.

Adults and teenagers are less likely to have the stuttering spontaneously resolve.

There are different types of stuttering including multiple and part word repetitions.

Examples are:


Of sounds “b – b – but I want it!”
Of part-words “Jen – Jen – Jenny has it!”
Of whole words “No – no – no – no – no go away!”
Of phrases “Can I have- can I have- can I have it?”

Prolongations (or stretching of sounds or words)

Of sounds “ sssssssssssssssssssssso what!”
Of words “beeeeeeeeeeecauauauauauause I know!”

Blocks These are pauses and moments of silence in the child’s speech as he tries to talk. Usually with lots of tension and facial grimacing.

Secondary Characteristics Other characteristics are often seen with stuttering such as eye blinking, twitching, foot stamping, or facial tension and grimacing.


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