Telehealth is an option available to all clients of Early Start Speech Pathology, where we see you virtually via a computer link. You just need a computer, with a camera and the internet.

Telehealth has many benefits as you can be seen in the comfort of your own home, without having to travel anywhere. We have had so much great feedback from families, near and far, with how easy Telehealth is.

Early Start Speech Pathology Telehealth
Early Start Speech Pathology Telehealth

Early Start Speech Pathology make Telehealth FUN. Your child will be playing and interacting with the speech pathologist, not just talking to them.

Telehealth for speech pathology assessment and intervention is well researched and there is strong evidence to support great outcomes for clients. It’s suitable for all of the areas that we treat.

We use a program call Coviu that is based in Australia and meets our strict privacy regulations. You can check it out here: httpsss://

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What about evidence, does it work for everyone?

There is strong evidence that Telehealth works for:

  • Speech and language disorders
  • Autism; a parent teaching and collaboration approach
  • Literacy
  • Social communication skills
  • Stuttering

Telehealth can also work for the adult population in providing language intervention and swallowing assessments.

What do I need for me or my child to access Telehealth?
  • Internet: min of 0.35 Mbps up and down – could be NBN, ADSL or 4G hot-spotted
  • Devices: Laptop, desktop, iPad or Android Tablet with access to the camera and microphone in the device (or attached separately)
  • Software: Google Chrome, Coviu app for iOS/iPad (free download)
  • We will email you the link to click on for each session
  • A quiet space- if possible!
What funding options are available?

NDIS approve the use of Telehealth; if you are agency or plan managed we will process the payment as usual, if you are self-managed then we will ask you to provide us with your credit card details, or you can transfer the appointment fee into our account.

Private Clients

Check with your own health insurance to see if they cover the costs of telehealth. Some do! But it depends on your plan and who you are with. We will provide you with the receipt once paid to provide to your insurance.


At this stage we can’t claim Telehealth through Medicare, however watch this space! We think the government may announce soon that for those children and adults with and EPC that we will be able to claim those sessions through Telehealth.

Interested? Call now to set up a FREE demonstration appointment.