Early Start Speech Pathology are known for running fun, innovative, original and supportive social communication groups for all children attending our clinic. Our groups are created and run by our qualified Speech Pathologists.

Early Start is committed to providing neurodiversity affirming speech pathology services to all of our children and their families.

There is alot that we as Speech Pathologists are learning and unlearning when it comes to social skills as communication goals and our groups have also seen changes along the way.

Please find our current table of groups planned for July 2023 School Holidays on the bottom of this page. Or Click Here to find the table.

Note: we run groups when we can, but this can be hard when our therapists carry a full caseload. If you see a group that looks interesting, be sure to email us to have your name added to our mailing address for when future groups are announced. 

Early Start Speech Pathology Children


Want to see what we have coming up? 

 to view all of our current groups planned for July  2023 School Holidays

Coding for Kids


Is a newer group for Early Start. Our clinic sits across the road from beautiful Lambton Park and it would be a shame not to use it! In this group we will need permission to cross the road and work in the park. We will go for nature walks, complete scavenger hunts, we can play a game of soccer together or play on the equipment. Back at the clinic, we will discuss recycling and ways to keep our environment healthy and children will go home with their own potted plant to care for.

Mad Scientists


Is one of our most popular group and fills fast. It’s great for those budding scientists that need a little hands on fun when it comes to the school holidays. We have a growing list of experiments now including creating slime, marshmallow catapults, puffy painting, exploding volcanoes and fidget spinners. The children will engage in cause and effect projects, work as a team, follow instructions, compromise and regulate for learning.



Is a very popular group at Early Start and we love running it each time. If your child lives and breathes Minecraft, watches you tubers creating Minecraft, this is the group for them. We build worlds together, complete challenges together and we build friendships together. A safe, fun space to create and be yourselves.

Holiday Hang


The holiday hang group is a chilled-out group that focuses on Art and Crafts. We have established a great collection of arts and crafts that we can explore together outside in our open sensory area. Come and make some new friends, create a canvas, draw, paint and create. This group is suitable for all ages.

Escape Rooms


Can you work as a team to crack the code? As the kids are busy figuring out the code to the escape room, they won’t even realise that they are working on their communication, problem-solving, negotiation, lateral and abstract thinking, reasoning and team skills. We love running this groups and can’t wait to crack the code with our team of detectives.



This one is for all the Harry Potter fans. In this group we will make potions, discuss how cool Hogwarts School of Witchcraft is, make our own wands and talk about our favourite characters. Whether you are team Gryffindor or team Hufflepuff, it doesn’t matter, join us for some fun. One of our therapists is a massive Harry Potter Fangirl, can you guess who?


Teens Connect


Is a great group for our teens to get together and connect about real issues that are happening in their lives. Our speech pathologists work with them to build their social communication skills and social awareness. We love hearing the laughter coming from the teen group as well as seeing the support for each other when discussing their worlds, school and peer navigation.

Girls Social Club


Girls with social challenges often present differently to boys. Research has shown that girls with social challenges can often withdraw from peers, mask their behaviours to ‘fit in’ and are at risk of emotional distress. Early Start Speech Pathology’s Girls Rule is a safe and supportive environment for girls to learn and develop their understanding and participation in the social world, learn how best to regulate whilst having fun.

Lego Social Club


Is your child starting big school next year? Then our SCHOOL READINESS group is recommended! Early Start Speech Pathology are very excited to join forces once again with the team at Ability Focus Occupational Therapy. After all, what’s school readiness without a focus on communication, fine and gross motor skills?

The SP & OT School Readiness Group will focus on:

Fine motor: grip, drawing, writing, cutting, copying

Friendships and group work
Following instructions
Language concepts for school: including retelling, sharing information, asking questions

Developing sensory regulation strategies for learning


Want to see what we have coming up? 

to view all of our current groups planned for July  2023 School Holidays